Hair Salon Singapore

If going to a hair salon means simply styling your hair, you've not yet indulged in the truly nourishing Shirley Mah hair care, scalp care and skin care experience.

Shirley Mah is a hair, scalp and beauty salon in the Jurong heartlands that goes way beyond expectations. This seemingly simple hairdressing salon holds within its walls all you'll ever need for a first-class hair care, scalp care and skin care treatment experience.

All because having beautiful hair and skin requires that extra attention and pampering that you deserve.

A hidden world of nourishing, pampering beauty for your hair and skin

All conveniently found under one roof and practically on your doorstep!


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Because you deserve only the best

Shirley Mah understands that, to get the best results, quality counts. That's why we are committed employing: