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Just as your hair can be your crowning glory, your complexion should be allowed to glow. At Shirley Mah, we like to cover all bases when it comes to looking your best because we know that if you look great, you'll feel great.

Your delicate facial skin is constantly at the mercy of a whole range of negative forces: Harmful UV rays, harsh products, dehydrating air conditioning – to name just a few culprits. Now's the time to give your skin some genuine TLC with one of our thorough facial treatments. Your complexion will love you for it!
Overhaul your complexion
Blocked pores, dry patches, fine lines and an oily t-zone are all very common complaints – no matter your age. A Shirley Mah facial addresses each of your complexion issues in one fell swoop. Plus, as with all our treatments, relaxation is non-negotiable so we incorporate a therapeutic massage to help you fully relax and allow us to do the hard work! We offer two facial types:
Don't forget the eyes...
The delicate skin surrounding the eye requires an enhanced level of care - facial products are too heavy and some can even irritate this fragile area. Our signature eye treatments soothe, firm and plump - you'll see instant results. We treat one eye first for you to compare against the untreated eye area. Like magic, your eyes will look and feel revitalised.

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